Modern olympic games

The athletes described the gesture as a tribute to their African American heritage and a protest of the living conditions of minorities in the United States. AP The high elevation of Mexico City 2, metres [7, feet] was both a benefit and a hindrance to track-and-field competitors.

After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia inthe Czech Republic and Slovakia made their Olympic debuts. International Federations IFs are the governing bodies that supervise a sport at an international level.

The Los Angeles Coliseum was expanded to seat more thanpeople, and a new track was installed. Archery, football soccerrowing, and equestrian events were among those introduced at the Games.

The closing ceremony The closing ceremony takes place after the final event, which at the Summer Games is usually the equestrian Prix des Nations.

Olympic Games

All competition was suspended for a day while a memorial service for the victims was conducted at the Olympic Stadium. The track-and-field competition returned to the Memorial Coliseum, which had been renovated for the Games. Because such sports as football soccer and basketball attract great numbers of participants and spectators in all parts of the world, their respective IFs possess great power and sometimes exercise it.

Athens, Greece, When Athens served as host of its second International Olympic Games, inmore events were held and more countries participated than in the first three modern Games.

1896 Summer Olympics

The atmosphere at the Games was marred, however, when a bomb exploded during the celebration in Centennial Olympic Park. There was an infusion of new events, some of which were not officially part of the Olympic program or were later discontinued e.

Weightlifting at the Summer Olympics Launceston Elliotwinner of the one-armed weightlifting event, was popular with the Greek audience, who found him very handsome The sport of weightlifting was still young inand the rules differed from those in use today.

For each Olympic sport there must be an international federation IFto which a requisite number of applicable national governing bodies must belong. It was the first Olympic competition to use telex transmissions of results, and zeppelins were used to quickly transport newsreel footage to other European cities.

According to the rules of the NOCs, they must be not-for-profit organizations, must not associate themselves with affairs of a political or commercial nature, and must be completely independent and autonomous as well as in a position to resist all political, religious, or commercial pressure.

The current system of gold, silver, and bronze medals was not implemented until the Olympic Games. The other language used at each Olympic Games is the language of the host country or languages, if a country has more than one official language apart from French or English.

Uniform automatic timing and the photo-finish camera were used for the first time at the Games. Hungary sent the only national team; most of the foreign athletes were well-to-do college students or members of athletic clubs attracted by the novelty of the Olympics.

In all, about 5, athletes representing 81 countries did attend the Games. At the Olympic Congress in Lausanneit was decided to hold a winter version of the Olympic Games.

Its articles of foundation provided the framework for the International Olympic Charter. Ali would later throw his gold medal away in disgust after being refused service in a whites-only restaurant in his home town of Louisville, Kentucky.

The swimming was dominated by the American men and the East German women. William Sherring of Canada won an emotionally charged marathon. For each Olympic sport there must be an international federation IFto which a requisite number of applicable national governing bodies must belong.

Olympic Games

The Games also marked the introduction of the metric system into sport. A crowd estimated at more than 60, attended the opening day of competition. The 5, and 10,metre runs were won by Miruts Yifter of Ethiopia.

Again the royal family attended the ceremony, which was opened by the national anthem of Greece and an ode composed in ancient Greek by George S. Victoria Draves of the United States earned a gold medal in both platform and springboard diving.

In the IOC reviewed the summer sports program, and members voted to drop baseball and softball from the Games. Twenty-eight sports have comprised the schedule for three of the recent games, and Summer Olympics. A quaint idea in the s, the Olympic Games are now the foremost sporting event in the world.

Information on the winners and medals abounds, but this unique book provides information on the events surrounding the Olympics: political controversies, scandals, tragedies, economic issues.

Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement [John E.

Winter Olympic Games

Findling, Kimberly Pelle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A quaint idea in the s, the Olympic Games are now the foremost sporting event in the world.

Summer Olympic Games

Information on the winners and medals abounds. The Modern Olympic Games Attached is an article about the Modern Olympic Games. Below are some questions for you to answer.

Use the article to help. The Winter Olympic Games (French: Jeux olympiques d'hiver) is a major international sporting event held once every four years for sports practised on snow and ice. The first Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics, were held in Chamonix, modern Olympic games were inspired by the ancient Olympic Games, which were held in.

Olympic Games - History of the modern Summer Games: The inaugural Games of the modern Olympics were attended by as many as athletes, all male, coming from 12 countries.

The athletes competed in 43 events covering athletics (track and field), cycling, swimming, gymnastics, weightlifting, wrestling, fencing, shooting, and tennis.

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A festive. The modern Olympic Games were founded in when Pierre de Coubertin sought to promote international understanding through sporting competition. He based his Olympics on the Wenlock Olympian Society Annual Games, which had been contested in Much Wenlock since The first edition of de Coubertin's games, held in Athens inattracted just competitors, of whom more .

Modern olympic games
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