Voice box prothesis

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Voice Prosthesis for Voice Rehabilitation Following Total Laryngectomy

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Tracheostomy cannulas and voice prosthesis

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Richard E. Leakey

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Voice box prostheses may only last 3 months

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The latest trend in hip replacements

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The voice prosthesis allows air to travel from the lungs to the esophagus, which would not usually happen, vibrating tissues of the lower throat to produce a voice. Richard Erskine Leakey was born in Nairobi, Kenya, a grandson of English missionaries. His father and mother, Louis and Mary Leakey, were distinguished paleontologists who had pioneered the archaeological exploration of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa.

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A voice prosthesis (plural prostheses) is an artificial device, usually made of silicone that is used in conjunction with voice therapy to help laryngectomized patients to speak. During a total laryngectomy, the entire voice box (larynx) is removed and the windpipe (trachea) and food pipe (esophagus) are separated from each other.

A tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis is a device placed in the wall between the trachea and esophagus to enable a total laryngectomy patient to make voice. The prosthesis will allow you to speak after your voice box has been removed. There are many less invasive surgeries to remove part of the larynx.

The names of some of these procedures are endoscopic (or transoral resection), vertical partial laryngectomy, horizontal or supraglottic partial laryngectomy, and supracricoid partial laryngectomy.

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Voice box prothesis
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